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Yiwu Wooden Sailboat Became Vintage Gift

Yiwu Wooden Sailboat Became Vintage Gift Reporters visited Yiwu International Trade City District 1 Market and found that Yiwu wooden sailboat has become the best selection of gifts for American. and European consumers. Meanwhile, purchasers from EU and the American continent have become the main force in Yiwu wooden sailboat wholesale. On a booth which […]

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Taiwan Has Become Yiwu’s Largest Commodity Exporter

Taiwan Has Become Yiwu’s Largest Commodity Exporter It is informed from Yiwu City Foreign Trade Bureau that from January to May this year, the amount of products imported from Taiwan is up to $ 28,770,000, increased by 66.75% compared with the same period last year. From the data point of view, Taiwan has become the […]

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New Energy-saving and Safe Plumbing Electric Blanket

New Energy-saving and Safe Plumbing Electric Blanket Plumbing blanket, by definition, is the blanket that uses water as heat conduction, “In present Yiwu market, there should be no one selling this plumbing electric blanket except me, since i haven’t seen it in other stores.” The blanket that dealer Miss Yang Juan recommended to our reporter […]

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A new industry appeared–repair old toys

Nowadays, the consumption of children toys occupied a large amount of your home’s expend, and often, it will be a big number. But, children always damage the toys and the stores are not guaranteed to repair, which is a big trouble for parents. Thus, someone has found that open up a store to repair damaged […]

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A Collection of hot sale commodities in September

A collection of hot sale commodities in September: 3D stereoscopic crystal jigsaw. Intelligent toys are popular in yiwu market! In September, with the beginning of each schools, except stationery, the intelligent toys are also coming into the hot sale time. Especially those toys which can help children to develop their intelligence sale more hot. “3D […]

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Tips to wholesale accessories in yiwu

The development potential of fashion accessory Nowadays, the develop speed of fashion accessory are becoming more and more quickly. With the develop of economy of the soceity and culture, people are coming from “dressing warmly society” to “well-off coexisted feature” society. To advocate humanity and fashion, and continue to mould personality and glamour, which have […]

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Stationery marches forward to high grade

Several thouthands dollars of schoolbags, a few hundreds of stationery, and all kinds of expensive digital products…. With the beginning of schools, many parents are preparing school supplies for their children. And some parents hope their children can be more economical orally, but they are squeezed to buy expensive stationeries for their children, in fear […]

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South America market will promote yiwu foreign trade

At present, sixteen yiwu enterprises are coming back from Brazil St.Paul international home supplies and art gift exhibition, this is the first time for yiwu enterprises to go to South America to attend the exhibition together. Brazil, this remoted but full of zealous South America land, yiwu enterpreneurs have not touched them any more, does […]

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