A Collection of hot sale commodities in September

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A collection of hot sale commodities in September: 3D stereoscopic crystal jigsaw.

Intelligent toys are popular in yiwu market! In September, with the beginning of each schools, except stationery, the intelligent toys are also coming into the hot sale time. Especially those toys which can help children to develop their intelligence sale more hot.

“3D stereoscopic crystal jigsaw is the most fashionable intelligent toys in recent days.” A self-employed household introduced that, in the yiwu market, there are many plane jigsaws and wooden jigsaws which are lack of sense of truth let many children lose interesting and feel boring, children need newest, extraodinary and full of challenging jigsaw products. “3D stereoscopic crystal jigsaw is consisted by many scattered widgets, and every scattered widgets are unregulared crystal, it needs to piece together, and one by one finnally it can be constituted. What’s more, it has many shapes, apple shape, five star shape and other animal shape, which is really test children’s patience and practical ability. When it is being constitued, because of its crystal material, each shape jigsaws are splendid and also can be put on your home as a home adornment.

A collection of hot sale commodities in September: magic remove dust gum.

The magic remove dust gum sales crazy! After we visit yiwu international trade center, the self-employed households tell us that the magic remove dust gum wholesales crazy! “This products really is magic, which can deal with all the dusts that you can see or you can not see, just have one magic dust remove gum, you can easily to wipe those dusts which hide in the deep gaps.” I believe that all the people who are doing the houseworks can understand what a hard work it is to do housework! But now, you can at ease!

You can use it after detaching it, it can be used to wipe cellphone and keyboard, the self-employed household in yiwu wholesale market introduced that, the dust hide in the keyboard and mouse of computers and the dots in your digital products, and even the inside gap of your cars, all of them should clean carefully, and some more times, we are afraid of how to do the cleaning work first. “ The surface of the magic remove dust gum is soft, and full of ashesiveness, you are not to worry about it will hurt your fragile digital products. What’s more important, because of its special material, dust and scraps of papers can be seen clearly, and some print leave in your digital products also can be wipped off easily!

A collection of hot sale commodities in September: amber mouse.

Amber mouse, one of the personalized mouses, in September’s yiwu market, the amber mouse is welcomed by those purchasers. Nowadays, except those traditional functions, the mouses adorn fashion, beautiful, personalized, vanquard! The amber mouse rely on its hommization design and creativity take root in people’s heart deeply, and it meets another sales peak in September. “Our amber mouses are designed by designers, each details can show its fashion, art taste and its unique, many people say that our amber mouse is the most cool mouse in the history, which are welcomed by those personalized persons.” The self-employed household in China yiwu introduced his products proudly to us. We see in the store that the shapes of amber mouses are really cool, and feels very comfortable, what’s more, the most important place is its high feeling of stereoscopic amber design. “The shape of amber mouse is transparent, and there are placed chramatic lamp inside, when you are using it, the lamps will flash, which makes the mouse more charming, and we provide many insect and ocean animal styles.”

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