International Trade City District 3

Yiwu cosmetic

Yiwu cosmetic Cosmetic has become a fashion .Especially in the workplace, makeup represents polite to people. Whether adults or children, loving of beauty of heart, everyone has in each era. Now if you want to attract customer’s attention and make a lot of profits. Why not come to Yiwu and browse the market? Yiwu is […]

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Yiwu shoes

  Yiwu shoes Shoe is a necessary in our daily life. As the old saying goes, “Every journey begins with the first step”. Shoes will write down the beauty pass by for us. Yiwu shoes are the best choice for you. Yiwu shoes is located in the international trade city district 3, the 3rd floor,. In […]

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Yiwu zippers

Yiwu zippers Yiwu zipper with modern fashion style has already been a beautiful scenery line in our daily life. As its simple shape and convenient functions, attract the humans'love .Yiwu zippers can be easily found in Yiwu market, ZheJiang province, which is located on the 3rd floor of international trade city district 3.  If you […]

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Ywu sunglasses

Ywu sunglasses   Yiwu is famous for its small commodity market, some people say that Yiwu market is buyer’s paradise, it is true. You can find almost whatever you want in Yiwu market. Are you looking for some amazing sunglasses to add fun to your shop and to make your shop more attractive? Why not […]

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Yiwu pens

Yiwu pens Are you an international pen seller or just a local pen retailer who hates the high price and poor quality of pens in you own country? Why not come to Yiwu. Yiwu pens are famous for its high quality and low price. Come here and have a look, we are sure that Yiwu […]

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Ywu paper

Ywu paper Yiwu paper products are mainly from Zhejiang and Guangdong province. The manufacturers there are very strong and professional, for they have been doing paper products for a long time. The location of Yiwu paper products market is on the first floor, international trade city district 3, near by the pens market. The market […]

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Soccer jerseys Yiwu

Soccer jerseys Yiwu Perhaps you are a global wholesaler who sells sports wears in your country, soccer jerseys must be your commodity item. You can have a look at soccer jerseys Yiwu; you may be amazing of Yiwu market. Most soccer jersey Yiwu can be found in Yiwu sports & outdoor market, which located in […]

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Snowboard in Yiwu

Snowboard in Yiwu Are you trying to find some sports equipments such as snowboard? Then snowboard in Yiwu would be your smart choice, as they are always over worthy. It means that you can get these snowboards in Yiwu the same quality but lower price. Yiwu market has different kinds of snowboards; you can find […]

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Yiwu eyewear wholesaler

Yiwu eyewear wholesaler If you are looking for a supplier who can offer you eyewear with good quality and price, the Yiwu eyewear wholesalers will be you suitable choice. Yiwu eyewear wholesalers always have their own booth in international trade city district 3. The location of Yiwu eyewear & sunglasses market is on the 3rd […]

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Yiwu glasses

Yiwu glasses Are you going to wholesale glasses or own a shop sells all kinds of glasses? If so, you may take a look of Yiwu glasses, which would be you smart purchase. You can pick up the expected glasses in Yiwu eyewear & sunglasses market, located the international trade city district 3, the market […]

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