Stationery marches forward to high grade

by | Sep 9, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Several thouthands dollars of schoolbags, a few hundreds of stationery, and all kinds of expensive digital products…. With the beginning of schools, many parents are preparing school supplies for their children. And some parents hope their children can be more economical orally, but they are squeezed to buy expensive stationeries for their children, in fear of their children have no face in schools.

We see from some markets and stationery stores that many brand schoolbags’ price are between 200-400, and some stationery stores’ schoolbags also need about 100 yuan. And a pencil box which looks like very common need 100 yuan, a full-automatic pencil sharpener also need 100 yuan. What’s more, a schoolbag sales an unexpectedly price of 2488 yuan… just those little stationeries sale at a such high price, which really opend our eyes about this society, at the same time, does we need to worry about this phenomenon?

Stationeries’ price are so expensive, but parents are very willing to buy those expensive stationeries for their children, does their children forcing them? I’m afraid it is not really. In most situation, it is parents worry about their children have no face in schools and buy those high price stationeries. And even have some parents buy those relatively cheap stationeries through online shopping and told their children it is very expensive, their purpose just to make “child produce inferiority complex because of his stationeries are more bad than others”. It is clear that in the stationeries, not only students have strong competes, but also their parents. Even we can say, just because of parents’ strong competes lead to the appearing of high price stationeries. As long as parents can treat it correctly, even if children want those expensive stationeries, they also can’t.

Certainly, some business ignore their society responsibility in yiwu market, continuously to market expensive stationeries, which also add fuel to the fire. From some certain extent, there are have what kinds of consume psychology if there produced what kinds of stationeries. I remenber, when I was young, all the students’ stationeries are same, because of the lack of materials, just we want to buy better stationeries, we also cann’t buy it. But, nowadays, just you can earn money, all kinds of stationeries are putting out on the counter. And some expensive stationeries, even marketed the stunt of “multi-functional” and “new conceptions” to appeal customers.

As schools, they also have not take responsible to children’s growing, this is an important and can’t be ignored factor. At some schools, they are have strict demand to student’s hair style, just in case of students will falling. So, as to use which kinds grades of stationeries, does schools need to make a correct leading? Additionally, can schools provide stationeries integrity? School uniforms can be united, stationeries also can.

All in all, the reason for students will use such expensive stationeries is various. Parents and schools should set a good example for children, stationery just can satisfy with learning is enough, and help them to establish right consumption conceptions.

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