Toy stores’ promotion activity should prepare early for the two festivals

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Mid-autume festival and national day are arounding the cornor. In the festival, many parents will accompany their children to go out for playing and shopping, and the passenger flow volume also will increase than ordinary days. So, toy stores need to consider that how to grab those customers. At the moment, promotion is a magic weapon to expand their sale volume for most toy stores. Even though, Mid-autumn festival and National day have’t come so quickly, the preparation work need to do in advance. Because, each promotion activity, the fully prepared work is a quarantee for it’s success.

Toy stores pre-working contains the following items:

1. Prepare the goods. You should fully consider to match with the cycle and prepare the goods in advance. According to the sale’s purpose to supplement the goods. Among all the supplement goods, you should fully consider the proportion of the main goods and avoid influencing the achievement because of short for the main products. If your store located in yiwu market, you also should be ready more earlier.

2. Prepare the materials. Gifts, activities props, products and advertising material, display props, etc. all of them should be prepared in this period according to the requirement.

3. Prepare for the propaganda. You should prepare sufficient leaflets and do not worry about the cost for losing the benefits. You can employ some part-time job people to distribute those leaflets, and before the three day of this activity, they should begin to distribute leaflets.

4. Popularized preparation. You also can cooperate with the suitable local media (such as radio station, televation, website, university and so on) to extend your production.

All the above working just are roughly, and If you do more carefully, then you should do the following specific working before the three days:

1. Distribute leaflets. You need to train the people who will distribute leaflets in those days and make a working target assess, both quality and quantity are needing to reach to the standard. For this, you’d better wholesale some goods in advance in case of lacking of goods when in promotion activity.

2. To familiar with the promotional content. The shop assistants can speak out the game rule and promotion content fluencely, clearly to know about the operation ways.

3. Schedule the staff when in promotion peak. There can not be short of staffes in the busy time, and make a good guide for your staff.

4. To make a stimulated schedule during the promotion period. According to the sales goal to set team award and individual award, you’d better distribute the awards in each day.

5. Send messages to old clients. Arrange those old clients to your staff to send messages, and charged phone-call according to the standard content appropriately.

6. Promotional display and decorate the atmosphere. According to the display requirement to display your products. And prepare the musics to decorate the atmosphere.

These are the material fact preparation work for the promotion of toy stores, only you carry out those items carefully, your promotion work will get a big success! If you need any wholesale products, please contact us or visit our company’s home page: we belief that we will be the right agent in yiwu for you!

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