Yiwu Wooden Sailboat Became Vintage Gift

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Yiwu Wooden Sailboat Became Vintage Gift

Reporters visited Yiwu International Trade City District 1 Market and found that Yiwu wooden sailboat has become the best selection of gifts for American. and European consumers. Meanwhile, purchasers from EU and the American continent have become the main force in Yiwu wooden sailboat wholesale.

On a booth which franchises in wooden sailboats, marine gifts and wood crafts, the reporter saw a room full of sailboats, among which the mighty ones are overwhelmingly large and small ones exquisite and delicate along with various other arts and crafts. At here, people will be amazed to feel nautical atmosphere as if he/she were exposed in a marine world. As was known from the dealers, due to the vivid design and fashionable style, these wooden sailboats are exported to Europe, America, Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, the Middle East as well as more than twenty countries and regions and have gained wide popularity among merchants at home and abroad.

“These sailboats are made of polished wood and canvas. After polishing and painting, wood will appear to be more realistic and feel better too. European and American clients are very fond of wooden sailboats and regard them as vintage gifts for family and good friends. Sailboats can also be used as home furnishings, conveying the meaning of good luck and revealing the owner’s tastes and cultural accomplishment. Given to children, sailboat can play a motivational role of encouraging children to keep on sailing without being scared of temporary difficulties.” said the dealers. As there is no age limit giving sailboats and it’s a symbol of good luck, sales have been very good. Spring and winter are two best-selling seasons every year. In September, sales of wooden sailboat in Yiwu market has been in the warming-up phase and foreign purchasers are becoming more.

The reporters found that although Yiwu wooden sailboats have various sizes, each craft is very delicate. Each boat, no matter in which size, has every part in completion, including edge, sailing board and cabin etc. Especially the sail, as if it were swelled by strong wind and sailing in the sea, which can arouse people of their emotion and passion.

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