New Energy-saving and Safe Plumbing Electric Blanket

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New Energy-saving and Safe Plumbing Electric Blanket

Plumbing blanket, by definition, is the blanket that uses water as heat conduction, “In present Yiwu market, there should be no one selling this plumbing electric blanket except me, since i haven’t seen it in other stores.” The blanket that dealer Miss Yang Juan recommended to our reporter is the latest warm product on sale in Yiwu market. “The biggest feature of this blanket is that it’s safe, reliable, environmental protected, energy-saving and also has the effect of medical care.”

The reporter saw this blanket has no difference in shape with common blanket, but when touching it, she found stripes of soft pipes instead of the previous line hose pipes. “Plumbing heater blanket imported carbon fiber as heating Super energy-saving and water-proof heater with high service life and safety,” Miss Yang introduced. This blanket use dedicated special PVC pipe as internal plumbing pipe, which has the characteristics of insulation, anti-aging, fire-retardant, anti-radiation, anti-coldness and so on. “The heater of this plumbing electric blanket has no induction electric, and radiation is very low. Water is the best material for absorption of radiation, besides, it applies special tubes that are anti-radiation, all of which make this blanket to be able to play a dual protection and more secure than common electric blankets,” She said, “When we sleep on the common electric blanket, we may feel dry and dehydrated, while this new blanket has internal water pipes, when water is heated ,it will form a continuous cycle, thus emitting a constant temperature heat so we won’t have dry throat.” As heaters of this blanket is water-proof and moisture-resistant, it’s quite ideal for children who have bedwetting without worrying about electricity leakage. The heat effect of this plumbing blanket is similar to what is called Tukang in the north, as they all release dry heat and bedding will not feel wet in spite of prolonged use, on the contrast, the bedding will keep dry so long as you use it. To people living in the south where air is humid and temperature high, this plumbing heating blanket is no doubt a good choice.

Miss Yang took out a pile of documents and told the reporter that these books are patent and inspection report of this product, “The quality of this plumbing blanket should be reliable, we have data sent by manufacturers and we will also show to purchasers relevant documents. ”

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