Largest wholesale market in China

Largest wholesale market in China In China,There are 2 popular wholwsale markets which people always goes to .The largest one is yiwu futian market.another one is guangzhou market. Yiwu futian market is divided into 3 parts according the time of its starting.The first part products is jewellery,oranments,toys.The second part is hardware,home appliance,clocks&watches,umberlla,suitcase,stationery.The third part is […]

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From yesterday our company start operation

  The Chinese Spring Festival of 2013 is almost towards the end, and the New year is coming, all our staff in Amanda Company are preparing to work, yesterday February 19th our company start to open, and some of our colleagues are on the way back to company. 2013 is the snake year, just like […]

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Designer toys

Designer toys Now you can see in TV or from the internet, you can see a lot of cute dolls, all of them are in special shapes, and some of them are like a vivid animal, just as we know that Andy Liu has two cow baby sons, they look like human. They are so […]

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Yiwu Pop Focus Display Factory

  Yiwu Pop Focus Display Factory Yiwu Pop Focus Display Factory is one of the pioneers in corrugated display industry in Zhejiang Province. Yiwu Pop Focus Display Factory mainly produces floor displays, display stands, PDQ countertop displays, pallet displays, clip strips and other kinds of displays. These displays are mainly made of corrugated boards and […]

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China Wholesale Toys Market

China Wholesale Toys Market Yiwu city has the world’s largest wholesale market. And in Yiwu market, the International Trade City is the main market. People can find almost whatever they are looking for and want to find. There are a lot of markets in Yiwu International Trade City, such as artificial flower market, jewelry market, hardware […]

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Futian market in Yiwu

  Futian market in Yiwu It is known to us all that YIwu has many markets, and Chinatown wholesale market are also gather there. However, it is the same as in Futian market in Yiwu. Futian market in Yiwu is very popular, and it is long attract by the world customers. Everyday, Yiwu futian market is full with the […]

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Futian market

  Futian market Futian market is in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, China. It is along the Futian Road, and it has five districts in total. It is also called Yiwu international truism market. It is very big and it sells a lot of products there. Futian market district one concludes A, B, C, D and E areas, […]

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Yiwu commodity city

Yiwu commodity city Since Yiwu city is famous for its small commodities products, it is also called Yiwu commodity city. Every day, there are many businessmen come to Yiwu city and they buy the wholesale products over there.  Yiwu commodity city set up in 1982. Through the leaders’ instruction, Yiwu commodity city has changed a […]

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Wholesale market china

Wholesale market china Wholesale market china is very big and very convenient; whatever your business line is included, wholesale market China would always meet all your needs. Wholesale market China includes all kinds of products, whether for food or for daily use products. Such as, jewelry, toys, apparel, School Supplies. Especially these years, wholesale market […]

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