Tips to wholesale accessories in yiwu

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The development potential of fashion accessory

Nowadays, the develop speed of fashion accessory are becoming more and more quickly. With the develop of economy of the soceity and culture, people are coming from “dressing warmly society” to “well-off coexisted feature” society. To advocate humanity and fashion, and continue to mould personality and glamour, which have become human’s pursuit. So, the culture of accessory shows its strong develop trend and widen market which adjust to the era, engage in the accessory industry has a widen profit margin. From the current accessory market, each product has 3-8 times’ profit, not only online seller but also subsistant shops all can have a considerable income.

But, to many people, open an online shop in taobao is easy, but how to purchase goods? At the same time not ensure about the future sale situation, and do not willing to invest much money on stocking goods. So, how to seek for good partner is the key to engage business online.

Inbound channel:

1. Yiwu market. yiwu international trade center is a famous wholesale place, but, with the develop of yiwu, they are not receive little orders, and add that the good foreign trade. So, in yiwu, you must wholesale more than 10,000 yuan, additionally, because of their foreign trade, the grade of yiwu faishion accessory is not too high, and they are hard to sale in a high price.

2. Guangdong and Shanghai market. The atmosphere of guangdong and shanghai are not so good as yiwu, many of them are done by those agents, the price is not obvious, and the minimum order quantity also large.

3. Accessory monopoly terrace which ally by many facotories. Nowadays, this service become more and more mature, many websites begin to provide relative service. Such as “I want to dress up web”, which make out relative plan aim at taobao salers, and put forward zero money to open up your fortune trip, these webs even provide deliver goods service, which mainly resolve saler’s trouble and there are no stock of money.

4. Contact to factories directly through electronic commerce web. Some of them will provide small account orders, but such opportunities are so little.

About to open shops online, I give some suggestions:

1. Sale accessories online should choose those good website plate, high profile assessments, and the visitors are young. If you do a web by yourself, how long your Page visitors can go up? And how about your confident level ? how to payment?

2. Open a store online, you should do the advertising work timely to advertise your products. Actually, you also can do some propaganda work off the line.

3. The decoration style of your online shop. It should be regular, obvious and full of period feelings. Make your brand as your free advertising ads.

4. You can arrange some promotion activity on festivals. To thrill your customer’s purchasing desire and promote your sales volume.

5. In suitable time, you also can make some membership card, that is, you can not only send the newest news to your customers but also you can fix some customers.

Yiwu amanda also is a professional agent in yiwu, we can provide not only accessory, but also many other daily use produtcts. if you are willing, please contact us, or visit our home page, the whole staff of yiwu amanda are welcome to your visiting!

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