A new industry appeared–repair old toys

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Nowadays, the consumption of children toys occupied a large amount of your home’s expend, and often, it will be a big number. But, children always damage the toys and the stores are not guaranteed to repair, which is a big trouble for parents. Thus, someone has found that open up a store to repair damaged toys maybe a new way to earn money.

With the development of people’s living standard, those only-child children are more and more being spoiled. Just take toys as an example, even though the price of toys become more higher, only children loved, parents are generous to buy the toys without thinking. The toys are buying from yiwu market, or even in franchise stores. So, the consumption of children’s toys become a necessity expense in every family.

But, what gives parents a headache is that because of little children not understand to cherish, often, they will damage the toys as long as you are not paying attention to them just for one minute. For one reason, the stores are not guaranteed to repair, and second, some toys are of high technology, many parents are lack of repairing knowledge, even they will do more harm to those toys. That, in so doing, parents cost high money to buy those toys but being throwed just for some little trouble, this is a big waste! To this phenomenon, many people see it as a common thing, but, there are someone find it is a good business opportunity.

Mr. Sun, a person who are liking to repair different kinds of things. After several years’learning in university, he handies things with facility. After working, Mr. Sun often posting on each forum,to repair printers, computers for online friend. Later,there are have some people take toys let him repair, so, he has an idea to open up a store to repair toys in yiwu.

After deep investigating, Mr. Sun found that in many families, there are exist some damaged top grade toys. Those high price toy are too fragile, often, just for one throw, it will be out of use. If there are someone can “cure” them, parents are willingness to cost some money to make them well again.

Feeling out the situation, immediately, Mr. Sun turns to open up a store to repair toys. As expected, even though the store is little, the business is so good, Mr. Sun rely on his strong technology and favorable praise, many people are sending their toys to repair. He found that most of those damaged toys are going wrong in its lines or its accessories, and it is not a trouble to repair them. The key problem is hard to find some top grade toys’ accessories, and many instruments of those toys are english, it is also hard to find factories to buy accessories. In order to know the brand, factory of the toys, Mr. Sun often takes the instruments which are full of english to find out those words which likes brand’s names, and them google it in internet. Finally, customers are satified with his repairing. There are many yiwu agents in yiwu, yiwu amanda is one of them, we can say we are the No.1 agent in yiwu, we wholesale toys, stationery, jewelry, sports products, shoes and so on, just let us know what you are want, we will do our best to let you satify with our service!

Less than one year, Mr. Sun has let more than 2000 toys reuse. The repairing fee is cheap, he only receive 10% of the ordinary price. The business of this repairing toys store is well, Mr. Sun opens up a new business from old toys.

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