Yiwu market.

Yiwu King Way Tattoo Trade Co., Ltd

Yiwu King Way Tattoo Trade Co., Ltd Yiwu King Way Tattoo Trade Co., Ltd. is an exporter of China (Mainland) of Beauty Equipment products. Yiwu King Way Tattoo Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2002. they are located in Yiwu city, China’s largest small commodity producing city! The factory specializes in the manufacture and export […]

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Yiwu bike

Yiwu bike Yiwu bikes are also called bicycle,usually used by foot ,is also called green vehicle.bi in bicycle or bike represents two,and cycle represents wheel.it is very popular among young people,bike is a traditional industry,because of environment protection and the transport,bike has become more and more popular ,especially in improving country.In Yiwu,you may see many […]

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Handbag wholesalers in Yiwu

Handbag wholesalers in Yiwu If you are still struggling to find the handbags from one place to another, please come and see handbags in Yiwu. There are many handbag wholesalers in yiwu market; most of them have their own factories. They can design every kind of items you want to. And they can also do […]

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Yiwu baby clothes

Yiwu baby clothes “The baby is the sun of august to september ,is the flower of mainland,and is the hope of future”,This senstence is from our greatest chairman Zedong Mao of China. It means we need to take more attention about the babies.Not just the study of them,but of their life. Many of the mothers […]

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Handbags in Yiwu

Handbags in Yiwu Are you still struggling to find the handbags from one place to another? Why not go and see handbags in yiwu? You will find what kind of handbags in yiwu all you want. Thanks to the development of the yiwu market, the one-stop solution service is becoming more and more popular and […]

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China business market

China business market   China business market has the representative market the yiwu market, which is the sea of commodity and the paradise for shopping and sourcing. China business market in yiwu has developed into a modern stage that every part of sourcing works together very well offering the convenient business trip. The main part […]

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Yiwu jinye printing machine co ltd

Yiwu jinye printing machine co ltd established in 1989, It is a specialized supplier of printing equipment such as printing machine, paper cutting machine, pressured machine, laminating machine, combined machine, gathering machine, warm printing machine, booking binding machine, book sticking machine, coating machine, book grooving machine, paper cup machine, etc Their products are widely recognized […]

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From yesterday our company start operation

  The Chinese Spring Festival of 2013 is almost towards the end, and the New year is coming, all our staff in Amanda Company are preparing to work, yesterday February 19th our company start to open, and some of our colleagues are on the way back to company. 2013 is the snake year, just like […]

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Yiwu newspaper

Yiwu newspaper Yiwu newspaper had experienced name changing several times. The original newspaper is Yiwu Daily, which officially republished in 1st, January, 1992. than it stopped publication in     December, 2003.  World small commodities start publication in July, 1993.Before 2000 it was hosted by Yiwu trade city group, but it was transferred to Yiwu […]

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Yiwu weiya Commodity Company

Yiwu weiya Commodity Company   Yiwu Weiya Commodity Company is a professional company engaging in production and sales of various dressing powder puff products with over 10 years of production experience. The company is able to produce customer-tailored powder puff products of specific patterns, sizes and colors. The company has rounded facilities with strong technological […]

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