Yiwu nightlife

Yiwu house rent

Yiwu house rent If you are going to stay in Yiwu for more than 1 month or that you want to find an alternative for staying in hotels. One economical way is to rent a house or apartment in the city. Then you may want something about Yiwu house rent. Local people willing to poster […]

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Yiwu photos

Yiwu photos Did you searching Yiwu photos? It will not depart from the market in Yiwu. The Yiwu photos firstly listed is Yiwu market. Yiwu market: International trade city, Huangyuan market and many professional streets consist of a comprehensive market in Yiwu. International trade city: It is the distribution and selling center for small commodities […]

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Yiwu night clubs

Yiwu night clubs As is well known, Yiwu is an international trade city, to the international commodity circulation ,development and trade exhibition center development .People here are from all over the world.In yiwu in addition to bar is ktv ,and night club can be found everywhere.Eg :yiwu jiangnan would entertainment club ,the white house entertainment […]

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Yiwu starbucks

Yiwu starbucks The first Starbucks coffee shop in Yiwu Yihe Hotel opened its doors on the first floor. The industry believes that the international coffee giant’s sales come on the one hand to fill vacancies in the local coffee brands, but also to the already saturated the coffee industry to bring new competition in the […]

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Yiwu massage

Now many foreigners choose massage to relax¬†their body after working in the China international trade city a whole day.Doing massage will enable the development of skin telangiectasia, increased skin elasticity, muscle contraction and stretching to promote and improve the human body function, accelerate the lymphatic flow and enhance human immunity. You could choose 4 ways […]

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Yiwu Cinema-Yiwu movie

Yiwu Cinema There are two modern cinemas in Yiwu. The old Yiwu Film City and newly opened Yiwu Hengdian Cinema. Yiwu Film City Yiwu Film City was built in 1995 and renovated on October 2004. It owns a construction area of 5,000 square meters, 4 video hall of big and small sizes and 1099 seats […]

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A New Night Recreation Site Has Been Established For Yiwu Residents

A New Night Recreation Site Has Been Established For Yiwu Residents Under the vigorous guide and support by Yiwu cultural sector, arts performing stage “Gold Coast” was upgraded and decorated into a beautiful incarnation in Yiwu theater tonight, marking the revised version of stage was formally open to the public. Residents Need Rich Cultural life […]

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