South America market will promote yiwu foreign trade

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At present, sixteen yiwu enterprises are coming back from Brazil St.Paul international home supplies and art gift exhibition, this is the first time for yiwu enterprises to go to South America to attend the exhibition together. Brazil, this remoted but full of zealous South America land, yiwu enterpreneurs have not touched them any more, does it contain giant business opportunities?

Nowadays, the share of yiwu commodities have been certained in Europe and America market, and the economy of it’s market haven’t recoveried completely, Middle East market full of competition, the price of products can not enhance any more. If yiwu enterprises want to make a breakthrough development, we must open up new market. Relatedly, the financial crisis have little affect to South America, and it’s consumption market also increased quickly in recent two years. Yiwu enterprises experience the South America market by themselves though this exhibition, to know more about the market demand.

Now, you ask those self-employed households in yiwu market who is the biggest client, many of them will tell you it’s Brazil’s clients, at least, in luggage and fashion accessories industries it is just like they said. After touching several South America clients, we can feel the potential development of this market from their wholesale volume.

Seeing is believing! Does it like other’s saying? South America market is a big cake?

The income of Brazil is not too high, but they are willing to spent money, the conception of excessive consumption is strong. In Brazil, just to buy a common handbag, you can payment by instalments, and there are almost no interest, so they are consume frequently, this is also the most important reason why they have high import volume. Brazil as one of the BRIC countries, it has a strong economy development, additionally, the 2016 Olympics will hold in Brazil, which will stimulate the consumption. Oringinally, we only deal with Middle East and Afican market, in contrast, the price of products in South America market can be high than other markets. In the other three years, South America market will be a good choice to open up new market outside for enterprises.

Meanwhile, when you are grabbing the business opportunities, you should be careful to avoid the risk.

South America market is a brand-new market for most China Yiwu enterprises, if you want to share a part from the big cake, what does you need to take care?

In Brazil, the greatest problem for most of Chinese merchants is they can’t understand Brazil’s language, the natives are saying Portuguese. If we want to take South America market as a main market to open up, the first we should do is to learn their language. Many Chinese people who are doing business in Brazil, maybe enterprises can take advantage of this resource, to bring up those good import merchants actively.

Those enterprise who have been doing well in South America market, if you want to hold up your client forever, you must ensure your products’ quality. Because the import tariff in Brazil is very high, generally they are over 100%, and the transportation expenses also is high, as long as your products’ quality can’t reach to their requirement, the import merchants will suffer the lose about two to three times of the cost.

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