Yiwu Products

Yiwu Christmas Products

Yiwu International Trade City is the world's largest distribution center for Christmas supplies. Most of the world's two-thirds of Christmas products, including Christmas trees, Christmas hats, greeting cards, ribbons and decorative lights, do not come from Rovaniemi,...

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Yiwu New Energy Products

Yiwu New Energy Products At present, the new energy industry in Yiwu market has a good development momentum, and the new energy product system has a high degree of overlap with Yiwu market. New energy (solar energy) and application products are an important part of...

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Yiwu Cameras

Yiwu Cameras are in 3 floor of G district,Yiwu International Trade Market. There are around hundred of shops for all kinds of cameras. The International Trade Market is the main one and the biggest. It currently covers an area of 4 million square meters, with 62,000 booths inside. 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products almost every […]

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Yiwu Auto Accessories

Yiwu is located in the mid of Zhejiang province, east of Dongyang city, south of Yongkang city, west of Jindong district and north of Pujiang county and Zhuji city. Now Yiwu is the largest center of collecting and distributing for small commodities all around the world. It is confirmed as the No.1 largest market in […]

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Yiwu Luggage

Yiwu Market is the largest wholesale market of general merchandise. There are 2500+ shops/showroom in the market specialised in luggage products with over 20 years experience. You can find a variety of choices for different styles and wide price range luggage. A lot of fashion designs keep frequent updates and OEM are accepted. Moreover, the […]

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Yiwu Storage

  Yiwu storage, one of best selling items in Yiwu market, mainly distributes in District 4, daily use items section, attract plenty of wholesellers and retailers come to visit and purchase every year. The function can be divided into: save, place, organize, manage, protect, isolate, cover, hide, show. Varieties of designs and muti-fuction features storage […]

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Yiwu Wigs

Yiwu market is the world’s largest wholesale market of general merchandise. It has more than 10,000 suppliers and exhibit millions of goods everyday. The district 3 of the Yiwu market is mainly for the cosmetics, including the wigs. There are a variety of wig styles in Yiwu market: body wave, straight, deep wave, loose wave, […]

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Yiwu Scarfs

There is a scarfs area in district 4 of Yiwu International Trade City, including about 1347 shops, they are divided into 15 streets regularly, each shop has a shop number and business card, easy for you to find their positions accurately, they are selling triangle scarf, square scarf, rectangle scarf, kerchief, tippet, cloak, neckerchief, beach […]

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Rainbow loom in Yiwu

Rainbow loom in Yiwu Rainbow loom is popular in the United States since 2013. This product comes from a chinese-american care children’s creativity. With the rainbow loom and rubber bands, in addition to weave a variety of bracelets, rings, and all kinds of other gadgets .Fashionable and lovely silicone bracelet, is the hot sale product […]

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Yiwu kamei jewellery

Yiwu kamei jewellery Yiwu kamei jewelry factory, located in the biggest commodity distributing center-Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province of China, is specializing in jewelry ornaments production, development and sales. We can offer various kinds of jewelery ornaments such as pandora jewelry, sets of chains, necklaces, hairpins, brooches, pendants, bracelets, rings, belt buckles, earrings and other alloy […]

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