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Yiwu Hotel

  Yiwu Hotel Yiwu Hotel is a four-star business hotel. It is located in Binwang Road No.103. The east of it is close to Bingwang market and the west of it connects the railway station. Also, it is only 15 minutes away from Yiwu Airport so the transportation there is very convenient. Yiwu Hotel has […]

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Yiwu hotel booking

Yiwu hotel booking When we want to take a bag to travel freely,we need to prepare many things ,then we can on the way by our heart.When you reach to the destination.We need to choose a best hotel to have a good rest,then we can enjoy the scenery with abandon.The peach blossom bloom very well […]

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Yiwu I-Cute Art & Crafts co ltd

Yiwu I-Cute Art & Crafts co ltd Yiwu is the world’s largest wholesale market of general merchandise,so there must be many factory with much kinds of products. Today I want introduce Yiwu I-Cute Art & Crafts co ltd to you.  Yiwu I-Cute Art & Crafts Co., Ltd. is the largest powerful pompons and chenille stems […]

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Your World International Conference Center

Your World International Conference Center Are you looking for a special and peaceful place to enjoy the beautiful landscape and relax yourself all by yourself during your long trip? So come to Yiwu Your World International Conference Center, and you will soon find you make a nice choice.  Your World International Conference Center is located […]

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Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel

Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel Are you trying to find a cheaper and nicer and more convenient hotel in Yiwu? Then I strongly advise you to go to Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel. Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel is located in No 797, North Chouzhou Road, Yiwu City. It has a nice location and it is very convenient […]

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China Yiwu

China Yiwu  As the modernized service and cultural conjunction, China Yiwu is growing from a small one beginning into a mighty, and now it is becoming stronger and stronger, especially these five years, China Yiwu as the biggest culture products in many areas.it is named as China yiwu international trade city.  In order to hold […]

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Yiwu fake market

Yiwu fake market Have you ever heard of Yiwu fake market before? If you like something really cheap, and do not mind the brand so much, then you can go to the fake market to find some commodities with mid-quality and low price beyond your imagination. Usually we do not call the market Yiwu fake […]

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Yiwu Suofeite Hotel

Yiwu Suofeite Hotel   If you have a plane to visit Yiwu for traveling or purchase, where to live may be an important question. Through this essay we’ll give some information of Yiwu Suofeite Hotel, perhaps, the information could be helpful for you. Yiwu Suofeite Hotel is located in the core area of the central […]

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Jinjiang Inn Yiwu

Jinjiang Inn Yiwu Are you going to take a short stay in Yiwu? Have you already booked a hotel to live in? If you are trying to find an excellent business hotel, which is clean and spacious with affordable price, then Jinjiang Inn Yiwu will offer you the service you want. The Jinjiang Inn (Yiwu) […]

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Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel

Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel Booking a comfortable hotel is a quite necessary thing before your journey.  A nice hotel will bring a nice stay. This essay will tell you about Yiwu SSAW Huafeng hotel, another good choice in Yiwu. This 4 star hotel located near the city center, it is quite convenient to go the […]

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