To take both small orders and big orders, yiwu agents have good business

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After doing business in yiwu for many years, many foreigners are becoming more familiar to yiwu and China. In order to save the purchase cost, those foreigners who are familiar with stock, purchase stages will to place orders for the most suitable point, the common way is to pass by those agents to place orders with factories directly. The businiessman Mr. Wang whose store is in yiwu market lost many big orders in this year. But, he takes it coolly, and absorbs in receiving small orders, actually, his business is better than last year.

Mr. Wang’s store locates in the third floor of yiwu international trade center, named by “Okai culture and sport products store”, which mainly engaged in culture products and sport products, he has do this business for many years, so collect many old customers. Among them, there has a foreign merchants who is coming from Morocco, he often wholesale products from Mr. Wang’s store from 2006, and he will take goods for one to two times per year, and each time he will take more than 100,000 yuan goods.

But in this year, the Morocco’s merchant won’t come again, after inquire about this news from many people, finally, he find that the Morocco merchant have placed orders from the factory directly.

“His orders are big, he will take goods from the factory directly is within our expect”, Mr. Wang said, in the before years, the Morocco merchant often take goods from us, this year, he passed by us.

Actually, the reason why they are not to mind losing one or two big orders is the knowing about the newest orders mode.

From last year, Mr. Wang has found that his big orders was deduced, and the small orders become more. Such as, in before years, they take 10 orders in a month, one or two orders are big orders; but in nowadays, they will take 30-40 samll orders. From the volume of orders, their business is better than before.

Yesterday’s afternoon, an Italy merchant ordered 170 boxes’ goods, which involves to 12 kinds of products, just like cultural stationery, sports products, and so on. “This year’s orders are like this, this kind 5, that kind 10… customers are taking bulk-cargos.” Mr. Wang said, in before, clients like to take big box cargoes to save their packaging cost. This Italy merchants want to package 24 per box, and he will undertake the packaging fees.

Little boxes also are inconvenient in packaging, but clients have their own reasons, “it’s more well to sale in little boxes.” We are willing to deliver those little goods, though the orders are becoming little, the owners of the store becomes more careful.

“Even it is a little order, we are carefull to receive and deliver.” Mr. Wang said, in recent years, the profit of culture and sport industry becomes more and more thin, additionally, the old customers are losing, everyone are doing more well in service. Only we doing well in service, we can retain our customers. Little orders mode is the usual way to run the market, as a businessman, we only to adjust to it, and cannot wait customers to find us.

“Not a long ago, he also applied his owen trademark-Maijigao.” In order to make his trademare famous, he always asks factories to print his logo on their products.

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