yiwu china international trade city

Yiwu exhibition

Yiwu exhibition Profting from the significant market advantage, there will be major Yiwu exhibition held in every moth.If Yiwu China international trade city is the landmark of Yiwu, then the china Yiwu international commodities fair is the most important festival of Yiwu. The Yiwu exbition is held in the china commodity city expo center in october, since […]

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Yiwu wholesale markets

Yiwu wholesale markets Sometimes, do you want to find a reliable supplier for your business line? Or do you want to expand your business lines and try some new items, and then Yiwu wholesale market is your beast choice. Yiwu wholesale markets in China are very famous and almost every businessman all knows Yiwu City, […]

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Yiwu Suofeite Hotel

Yiwu Suofeite Hotel   If you have a plane to visit Yiwu for traveling or purchase, where to live may be an important question. Through this essay we’ll give some information of Yiwu Suofeite Hotel, perhaps, the information could be helpful for you. Yiwu Suofeite Hotel is located in the core area of the central […]

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International market in Yiwu

International market in Yiwu Yiwu is a county in China, a small city. But it has an international market in Yiwu; do you believe it is a real thing? Yeah, it is real, Yiwu has an international market, Yiwu China international trade city. Futian market is opened from 2001. It is main market in Yiwu […]

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Where is Yiwu china located?

Where is Yiwu china located? “Where is Yiwu China located? Where is Yiwu? What is Yiwu market?” those question asked by the businessman who hearted that Yiwu China have a famous small commodity market, before they came to Yiwu, to getting some Yiwu city info to recognize Yiwu. Or the people who curious the reason […]

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Where is Yiwu?

Where is Yiwu Yiwu is a city located in Zhejiang province China. PC: 322000 Amanda building, Qunying Road, Houzhai, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. Yiwu is situated in the central Zhejiang Province, connecting Guangdong and Fujian on the south and Shanghai on the north. It is 300 km to Shanghai and 120 km to Hangzhou, the capital […]

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China Yiwu market

China Yiwu market Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market in China, and Yiwu market also is the earliest market in China. Yiwu is the” springboard” of China brand commodity goes to the overseas market, and the highlands” of foreign brand products goes into China market. Yiwu market ranks on top of china industrial goods wholesale […]

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Several function of Sponges!

Have a bag of new and clean sponges laying around from yiwu china international trade city? How about trying out some of these ideas! 1. Helping sprout Seeds! Start growing seeds indoors to delight kids! First Soak a sponge in water, squeeze out excess and put on a plate you prepared. Then fill holes with […]

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yiwu webbing company

Yesterday I give a visit to yiwu webbing company in yiwu china international trade city, I found beside   webbing,they have producted  elastic band, jacquard tape, jacquard ribbon, jacquard elastic,underwear elastic band, lace, belt, PP belt, silk elastic, New doors elastic band, special strap,Velcro Velcro, jacquard round rope, round elastic band , luggage belt, sofa […]

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