international trade city district 1

Yiwu bandanas

Yiwu bandanas Yiwu bandanas have been founded by the fashion areas, and the professional designers come out of many different designs of bandanas. It is located in international trade city district 1, the second floor. Many types of Yiwu bandanas show the different style. There are a wide range of colors and many special pictures […]

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Yiwu rings

Yiwu rings A ring is something to put on one’s finger; it is a kind of jewelry. As it is know to us all, Yiwu city is famous for its small commodities, and so it is the same with jewelry. In other words, Yiwu rings is worth for your looking, and it is also very […]

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Yiwu puppets

Yiwu puppets Yiwu puppets are mainly centered in international trade city district 1. It has a long history; it is usually used in playing programs. Puppet represents a kind of Chinese traditional opera. It is also the show us Chinese traditional culture and customs. Yiwu puppets experienced many different stages when comes to its development. […]

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Yiwu Craft Market

Yiwu Craft Market If you want to purchase crafts, then I suggest you should visit Yiwu craft market. Craft production is one of the pillar industries in Yiwu. It almost covers all kinds of crafts produced by domestic factories. Besides, 80% of Yiwu’s crafts are exported to foreign countries such as the Middle East, Europe, […]

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Yiwu rhinestones

Yiwu rhinestones Are you a manufacturer of bracelet, bangle or some other accessories like this? Do you need rhinestones to make your products look more amazing? Yiwu rhinestones will feast your eyes and make you a big fortune. Yiwu rhinestones can be mainly found on the 2nd floor in international trade city district 1. Yiwu […]

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Yiwu crystal

Yiwu crystal Do you like sparking things like crystal? Or you want to be a wholesaler of crystal in your place. Yiwu crystal is waiting for you right here. Yiwu crystal market is mainly in international trade city district 1. You can find out almost all kinds of crystal craft products. There are crystal cup, […]

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