Yiwu International Trade City

Foreign businessmen are busy purchasing

On September 20, Indian merchants purchased umbrellas at the district  2 market of Yiwu International Trade City and left blessings on the umbrellas, wishing the Yiwu market a prosperous business and good luck. Since the beginning of this year, the average daily...

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Visit to shanghai and Yiwu

Visit to shanghai and Yiwu  Shanghai is China's largest city,also known as the beach,one of the four municipalities in China,China national center city,an international metropolis.The center of China's economy,science,technology,industry,finance,trade,exhibition and shipping.Shanghai has China's largest foreign trade port and the largest industrial base, cargo throughput and container throughput ranks first in the world.  Yiwu is located […]

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Cheap shoes china

Cheap shoes china Where can you find the cheap shoes china? And you are trying to figure out the answer. Why not go to the Yiwu market and you can find something interesting about the cheap shoes china. As the international city, the Yiwu city offers you a lot of choices. In the Yiwu international […]

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China business market

China business market   China business market has the representative market the yiwu market, which is the sea of commodity and the paradise for shopping and sourcing. China business market in yiwu has developed into a modern stage that every part of sourcing works together very well offering the convenient business trip. The main part […]

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Yiwu newspaper

Yiwu newspaper Yiwu newspaper had experienced name changing several times. The original newspaper is Yiwu Daily, which officially republished in 1st, January, 1992. than it stopped publication in     December, 2003.  World small commodities start publication in July, 1993.Before 2000 it was hosted by Yiwu trade city group, but it was transferred to Yiwu […]

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Yiwu toddler toy

A toddler is a proverbial ball of energy. If you doubt this, just ask anyone who’s tried to keep up with one. They’re eager to try all sorts of physical feats and curious to investigate everything that catches their eyes. Toddler Toys enrich the play of children aged 12 to 24 months, as they continue […]

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Children’s bags in Yiwu market

Children’s bags in Yiwu market There are many shops in Yiwu international trade market selling children’s bags. Children’s bags always look cute with the cartoons pictures. You can find whatever you want. Sometimes you can print your own logo and your own design. Look at the picture above, is it beautiful? This kind of bag […]

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yiwu maikai crafts company limited

yiwu maikai crafts company limited  Yiwu Maikai Crafts Company Limited specializes in scarf, shawl, main materials include silk, polyester, cotton, viscose, acrylic, bamboo fibred, linen and mixed fabrics. Techniques and materials like printing, hand-painted, yarn-dyed, and jacquard, embroidery, tassel and lace they are widely used. The basic Information of Company Yiwu Maikai Crafts Company Limited: […]

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