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When will Yiwu Market close in 2024?

Yiwu International Trade City has issued the market closing and opening time schedule for the next Chinese New Year (2024). We kindly ask our global customers to organize their visits to Yiwu according to the suitable time slot. Closing time: The market closure for...

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September 9-10 The 18th Summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) Leaders Held in New Delhi, the capital of India G20 members are Yiwu's main trading partners. According to Yiwu Customs statistics, in the first seven months of this year, Yiwu's total import and export value...

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International trade city Yiwu

International trade city Yiwu International trade city Yiwu is located in Yiwu, it is very famous and very nice among the whole Yiwu markets. It is the most important part for Yiwu business. There are hundreds of thousands products are over there.  International trade city Yiwu takes up almost one fourth economics shares in Yiwu […]

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Futian Yiwu

Futian Yiwu Futian Yiwu is very popular and it is also called international trade city, it is located in Futian Road. Along the road, the whole market is Futian market.  It is obviously that Futian Yiwu is the biggest market among Yiwu market. Futian market usually divide into five parts, different parts in the markets […]

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China wholesale

China wholesale is belonging to many areas and there have many different lines of places. If you would like to wholesale many quantities of goods, China is your best choice. China wholesale is a big amazing to many people. China wholesale is spreading in China everywhere. The wholesale products include millions of kinds for the […]

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China market Yiwu

China market Yiwu China market Yiwu is the wonder for the world development, there are many small products are centered in Yiwu city, and Yiwu is also the biggest wholesale market in the world. Everyday, the businessmen from the world would come to the market and purchase the products they need. Thousands kinds of products […]

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Yiwu market in China zhe jiang province

Yiwu market in China zhe jiang province If you heard little about Yiwu market, you may know that Yiwu market in China, Zhe jiang province. It will be a big fantastic if you come there. the different area shows the different products 。 Yiwu market in China Zhe jiang Province enjoys a good fame, and […]

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