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Yiwu market prospects visible

E-commerce is new economic activities of network. Yiwu merchants keen commercial , at the beginning of the rise in e-commerce they has recognized the commercial value of the Internet, almost simultaneously involved in e-commerce with Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. Back in 1997, Yiwu have a never ending “Online Commodity Fair” .in 2010, the […]

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Portable porous socket in Yiwu

Hot portable porous socket in Yiwu “This is a good shape socket, surrounded can be used, just do not know if the socket will trip when much electrical plug in?” after careful observation of the portable socket in Yiwu an old customer ask for the new product in a hardware appliance shops in Yiwu futian […]

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Mushroom lamp form Yiwu Market

Mushroom lamp form Yiwu Market That so hot film “Avatar” in 2009, have brought us super fantastic video enjoyment of 3D movie. If you have read the “Avatar”, you must remember those beautiful mushrooms movie light bar. Now, from Pandora Avatar mushroom lamp shock market, and quickly swept to the YiWu market, becoming the most […]

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The Population of Yiwu City

The Population of Yiwu City Yesterday, the “the sixth population census data Bulletin of Yi Wu city” released. Data show that the current resident population of the Yiwu city is 123.4 million people. Which compare with the date of 97.27 million in  “the fifth national census 2000 “, 32.13 million people have increased in ten […]

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Yiwu Fair show in Dubai

Yi Wu Fair show in Dubai Yi Wu china commodity Fair 2011 on Du Bai Fair opened in Du Bai trade center. More than 40 enterprises a total of 73 members make up a City group, which become the most eye-catching show on the fair. The reporter have contacted City group to know the show’s […]

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Fashion headwear in Yiwu

Fashion headwear in Yiwu “With the coming of summer, a lot of long hair girls think a simple apron does not look good, ball flower with various colors more fashionable and beautiful.” This told to reporter by Wu Qin who is operating households to do headdress business in China Yiwu International Trade City yesterday. Hair […]

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Yiwu reshape the “Made in China”

Yiwu reshape the “Made in China” The full launch of comprehensive reform of Yiwu international trade city is destined to become a landmark event of Chinese foreign trade transformation. The meaning of Yiwu reform and reconstruction is not limited to the market itself. Take this as a window, how will the huge “Made in China” […]

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The Number of Yiwu Foreigners

The Number of Yiwu Foreign Residential People Ranking First in Zhejiang Province Yiwu is the world’s largest commodity circulation center and exhibition center. The administrative level is still a county level city, but you will find foreigners almost everywhere when you are walking in the streets. And according to the statistics figures of Foreign Economic […]

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Yiwu commodity index continued low

Yiwu commodity index continued low “Yiwu commodity index” is based on statistical index and statistical evaluation theory, uses the multi-layer two-way weighted synthetic index method, choose a series of index which is reflect the operation condition of yiwu commodity wholesale market, process comprehensive treatment, to reflect composite index of the yiwu commodity prices and market […]

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Yiwu E-commerce Industry

Yiwu E-commerce Industry Yiwu e-commerce industry was started in 2001 year, now it has made great achievements. According to incomplete statistics, in 2010 year, the e-commerce industry foreign trade sales 40 billion RMB, domestic sales 100 billion RMB. Now Yiwu e-commerce industry has become the world’s most densely populated e-commerce industrial parks after 10 years […]

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