Yiwu E-commerce Industry

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Yiwu E-commerce Industry

Yiwu e-commerce industry was started in 2001 year, now it has made great achievements. According to incomplete statistics, in 2010 year, the e-commerce industry foreign trade sales 40 billion RMB, domestic sales 100 billion RMB.

Now Yiwu e-commerce industry has become the world’s most densely populated e-commerce industrial parks after 10 years of development. another statistics indicate that Yiwu has more than 40,000 e-commerce enterprises, and 15 million employees, also it has 2.3 million webs, including 4,500 foreign trade web sites, accounting for 19.9%; B2B and B2C web sites are 3000, 10520 are the corporate web sites.

With Yiwu e-commerce industry development, especially the growing of advisory team, market sales channel is widened effectively, also expanded Yiwu commodity direct possession terminal market share, for the physical market continues to inject the stress-relieving prosperity. A few days ago, Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot official start, Yiwu e-commerce industry was also had higher expectations. According to industry insiders predict, e-commerce industry will be a huge cake, it will attract more capital into this field, and then pushing e-commerce industry to a “golden decade”.

Yiwu e-commerce industry with the development of physical market, pull the entity market development. International trade city connected with al the broadband network. 63% of the shopkeepers have their own computers, popularizing rate is 100%.

Yiwu e-commerce industry makes Yiwu to be China’s 10th “economic new special zone”, it also bring a golden opportunity of development.

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