Mushroom lamp form Yiwu Market

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Mushroom lamp form Yiwu Market

That so hot film “Avatar” in 2009, have brought us super fantastic video enjoyment of 3D movie. If you have read the “Avatar”, you must remember those beautiful mushrooms movie light bar. Now, from Pandora Avatar mushroom lamp shock market, and quickly swept to the YiWu market, becoming the most romantic gift in 2011.It also known as light perception mushrooms colorful lights, It’s a creative lighting design inspirit by the scene of aesthetic Avatar, with colorful LED light source, and the lamp have two version, one is resin flower pots, another is ceramic pots. The light switches is operated which the light intensity will be automatically adjusted by environment.

Arrived e-shops, Yang is immediately removed mushroom lamps from the shelves。And said: “You must have to recommend the mushroom lamp light perception from Yiwu wholesale market.  It is really so beautiful of the mushrooms, leaves, flowers and grass! Not just buyers, even I have been fascinated by it” .This mushroom lamp pushed by Ms. Yang with strong sense is a smart light sensor features lamp, the light more darker, the light more bright, It is a pot full of pretty green plants in the day, it will bloom the soft light of abnormal at night, As the film Avatar, mushrooms in the forest like a beautiful new landscape. “The magic of the lamp is on the pot, this small point is sensitive point, which is a light perception. Plug in the power, in the day the light of the mushroom is not luminous, at Night, mushroom will glow in the dark naturally, and change light with the ambient, without switching”.

According to Ms. Yang described, in addition to beautiful lighting effects, mushroom lamp can DIY. “When we get the lights, give full play to the imagination, the mushrooms into the natural state of root bending, find the size of the nail with a diameter of 2MM, the artificial turf a few holes on the bar, and then the small lotus leaves and flowers Inserted above, insert the most beautiful plants”. The LED light source is extremely energy efficient, even if consecutive points to 1 year will not consumed a kilowatt, so that you can leave it after plugged in, and it also made home warm as a decoration put on living room or bedroom.

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