The Population of Yiwu City

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The Population of Yiwu City

Yesterday, the “the sixth population census data Bulletin of Yi Wu city” released. Data show that the current resident population of the Yiwu city is 123.4 million people. Which compare with the date of 97.27 million in  “the fifth national census 2000 “, 32.13 million people have increased in ten years, an increase of 35.20%, equivalent to a Jin dong (31.56 million) or two Pan an (17.47 million ) of the resident population.

A substantial increase of the he total resident population in this the 10 years of our city caused by a large number of migration flows, like volunteer work, business, investment business, outside the city school population .According to the municipal people & P Director, Bureau of Statistics deputy director Fang Da qi introduced the migration resident population of the city is 58.58 million, accounting for up to 47.47%. 30 million populations added in 10 years, and has the following 5-point comparison, 1. Family size is shrinking 2. Further widen on the gender ratio. 3. Urbanization rate ranks highest in the province 4. Education increased 5. Slow down the aging process

A total resident population of Yiwu city is 419,200 households, and a population of households is 98.34 million, the average household population is 2.35 people, which reduce family size of 0.37 people to 2.72 people than in 2000 ” the fifth national census 2000″.

Further widening on the gender ratio, the data show that in the ” the fifth national census 2000″ ,the sex ratio was 107.5% of the total population (100 female, male to female ratio), and today the male population is 64.71 million, accounted for 52.44%, female population is 58.69 million, accounting for 47.56%. The total sex ratio is 110.25. Demographers believe that the normal range is between 102-107, according to the census data show that further increase of 8.14 percentage points than” the fifth national census 2000″

Those increasing of population lead urbanization rate ranks highest in the province, resident population live in urban areas 87.89 million population, accounting for 71.22%; the population live in rural areas was 35.51 million, accounting for 28.78%. And the” the fifth national census 2000″ compared to the urban population increased by 31.86 million, the proportion of urban population increased by 9.83 percentage points. 10 years, the average annual increase of urban population is 3.09 million urbanization rate increased in 1.5%.

Resident population in Yiwu city, with a university culture (college and above) levels of population was 8.09 million people; a high school education (including college), junior middle school education, primary education of the population was 16.87 million, 57.61 million and 29.08 million, and 10 million people with college degrees rose by 2186 to 6558 compared with the” the fifth national census 2000″, with high school, junior high school education of the population respectively by 10,804 people, 43,014 people rose to 13,674 people, 46,684 people, with primary school education of the population fell to 23,564 from the 31,279 people. All those date show the level of education have increased,

Resident population in Yiwu city, the population aged 0 to 14 was 15.88 million, accounting for 12.87%; 15 to 59-year-old population was 96.06 million, accounting for 77.85%; population aged 60 and over was 11.46 million, accounting for 9.29%; which population aged 65 and over 7.55 million, accounting for 6.12%. Compared with the ” the fifth national census 2000,” the population aged 0 to 14 dropped by 21 percentage points, the population aged 15 to 59 rose by 3.17 percentage points. Census data show that the proportion of the population of the city over 60 years basically same to “the fifth national census “, and over 65 years of age is fell by 0.5 percentage points. Province and Jin hua City, the proportion of population aged 60 and over are more than 13% , over 65 years of age populations are more than 9%, according to international standard has entered the aging society. But most of the migration population  are young adults, optimize the population age structure, so aging society and the international standards for a certain distance.

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