Yiwu Fair show in Dubai

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Yi Wu Fair show in Dubai

Yi Wu china commodity Fair 2011 on Du Bai Fair opened in Du Bai trade center. More than 40 enterprises a total of 73 members make up a City group, which become the most eye-catching show on the fair. The reporter have contacted City group to know the show’s progress.

The global source held the “Global Sourcing Fair” that is a way to do business for Asia supplier, China is the biggest Fair in the middle east, so also help middle east or North Africa’s businessman to import goods form china, and then retail in there own country. This Fair have held five years succession with a good reflction.100 countries and more than 14million people attract to join the fair.

“Yi Wu exhibition Fair—Dubai Fair” specially set up as “Exhibition in the Exhibition”, also have three history. It reported that half of participant is a newcomer. More than ten typical professions in the fair, like hardware, handicrafts, jewelry, toys, electronic products, stationery, merchandise, luggage. Most exhibition are sell good which also popular by middle east Arabia.


Besides Group Exhibition, they also do many other things to spread Yi wu market, like setting service disk on the fair place, showing the environment Arabia engage in business.

Good market have reflect from the first day, one company have make a 2 million dollars order with Egypt buyer

The Yi Wu Exhibition Fair also take attention by much participant leader,  on the fair day ,china consul in Dubai Zhanjinbao and Chia commerce represent in gulf area Zhangbaojun and other leaders come to the fair, to knew the dynamic of the market .

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