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E-commerce is new economic activities of network. Yiwu merchants keen commercial , at the beginning of the rise in e-commerce they has recognized the commercial value of the Internet, almost simultaneously involved in e-commerce with Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. Back in 1997, Yiwu have a never ending “Online Commodity Fair” .in 2010, the e-commerce development of Yiwu is consistent with China e-commerce in macro trend, showing a blowout-style development.

E-commerce of Yiwu has been continuous progress, and has produced a “Taobao Village”, “Taobao University”, especially in recent years, with high boom development of national e-commerce, Yiwu e-commerce ranks are rapidly growing, but also in quality. At the end of 2010, all kinds of online business of Yiwu entities over 30,000, annual turnover more than 10 billion yuan. The Yiwu emerging network operators continue to maintain high population growth, the total business and transaction volume doubled growth in the past few years, It is reported by journalist that the Secretary-General Association of Yiwu Tong Yuanzhi run his own business “love to push the door” Ltd., in 2009, online sales is 300 million .but 2010 is 13 million..
As commodity, light weight, small size, suitable for online sales, becoming the first choice for the initial e-commerce business, variety of goods up to 170 million; an example of delivery of the logistics industry, more than 600 domestic routes available, all sizes of Express more than 100 in Yiwu. Rich products, convenient logistics and, business gathering are provided a good basis environment for Yiwu e-commerce.

An example of online retail of Yiwu, the turnover now account for only 2% of the total, while the United States, South Korea and other developed countries has reached 7-10% in the next 10 years, Yiwu online retail will continue to exist giant growth.

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