Portable porous socket in Yiwu

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Hot portable porous socket in Yiwu

“This is a good shape socket, surrounded can be used, just do not know if the socket will trip when much electrical plug in?” after careful observation of the portable socket in Yiwu an old customer ask for the new product in a hardware appliance shops in Yiwu futian market.

Sales staff Wang Hui from Yiwu international trade market patiently explained: “2500-watt outlet is limits, can basically be used to meet the majority of electrical appliances, even careless lack of electricity load will automatically power-off protection. In addition, 4 socket holes in a row, a total of 4 face is 16 holes, each layer has a separate switch, if only a few of them used, others can be cut off the power button, so it do not waste electricity. “Wang Hui said that although its name called portable socket in Yiwu, in fact, it is vertical, and the shape was cylindrical, saving the floor area. In order to ensure its stability and security, four sockets is a maximum, and each socket is universal, so electrical plugs of most countries are applicable.

“Three holes of Common brand outlet will 20 yuan, but this with16-hole only 60 yuan, never seen such a socket, saving space, affordable price, and very generous design,” Member of the public looked to the side Wang Hui’s presentation said, and took the decision to buy two home.

It is understood that this portable outlet is the factory unique patented, in addition to physical store, but also entered the e-commerce platform, and received good sales performance.

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