Yiwu reshape the “Made in China”

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Yiwu reshape the “Made in China”

The full launch of comprehensive reform of Yiwu international trade city is destined to become a landmark event of Chinese foreign trade transformation. The meaning of Yiwu reform and reconstruction is not limited to the market itself. Take this as a window, how will the huge “Made in China” turn around is the most compelling issue. As the bridgehead of “Made in China”, the development of Yiwu Commodity City has always been impressive. As a market, Yiwu is the maintenance of more than 200 thousand businesses and more than 10 million industrial workers.

OEM Road is not sustainable. As you enter the gate of Yiwu market, you will see four big medals which are named as “credibility”. Most operators in the market place, have hung the government issued the identification card of “trustworthy” and “tourism recommendation”.

When you walk in the vast market, you will see that the “low cost, run volum” commodities almost changed the face overnight. From the bits of thread and needles to the brand apparel, from glass marbles to jade, from desks and chairs to African wood carvings, everywhere is the innovative products. a pencil has endless patterns and an umbrella has dozens of models.

commodity market is not enduring, and only constant innovation, product differentiation will not protect a company from getting into a vicious competition. Even if the cost rises up, they can still serve and maintain high profits. “Processing can be outsourced, but creativity to their own hands.” Yiwu Commodity City traders said.

During the past few years, the commodity city has been commited to expansion, now it is commited to improving the quality of the goods. Yiwu takes new steady steps and the reconstruction of the road in China should be near.


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