Fashion headwear in Yiwu

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Fashion headwear in Yiwu

“With the coming of summer, a lot of long hair girls think a simple apron does not look good, ball flower with various colors more fashionable and beautiful.” This told to reporter by Wu Qin who is operating households to do headdress business in China Yiwu International Trade City yesterday.
Hair shop in Yiwu International Trade City district1, filled with a variety of hair products, bow is one of the hot style in this summer. Domestic customers and consumers more likely prefer the bow to foreign demand. According to Wu Qin introduction, A variety of bow with different materials are introduced recently, like pearl, water satin, leopard, lace are more popular, mostly in the form of hair bands, as well as some hairpin.

Compared to the past which dress hairpin on the “horse tail”, today more girls who is lovely beautiful like wearing old-fashioned dress, made with chiffon, mesh material style, the head flower gradually come to fore. Wearing such a head flower, elegant and romantic feeling will be. Thin elegant silk flowers group with thick egg boll also could balanced girl’s thick hair tail cone, played the role of modified face.

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