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International Trade City hold tourism shopping festival

Tourism Commodity Fair 2011 on June 24 to 27 in Yiwu International Exhibition Center under way Group to tour the International Trade City travel shopping, will be gift activities cards; a wonderful film everyday, also will be screen at the center of 4D theater, colorful activities in the tourism and shopping festival have unveiled in […]

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Second Global Design commodity Competition start

Yesterday the Yiwu reporter said the Second Global Commodity Design Competition will start in the near future. According to Creative Park committee staff, the last Competition product a good reflection in the design and business industry, “life-changing ideas” as the theme of this competition, to collet commodity creative designs from the world’s best designers, design […]

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Now Digital product hot

College Entrance examination is not completely ended, sensitive smell businessman has been around “after the entrance economy” gearing up to rushing piece of “cake.” These days, the long-awaited Yiwu businessman began to warm up, and has ushered in the first wave of guests, including mobile phones, computers and other digital products are hot. In Yiwu […]

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To avoid exchange rate risk

In recent years, with the continuous development and prosperity of Yiwu market to foreign trade, Yiwu in doing business with foreigners, while take some risk of the exchange rate, especially in big fluctuations of international currency exchange rate, many Yiwu enterprises are at a loss. Last June 17, Yiwu was officially incorpor into RMB clearing […]

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The intelligent TV

The special operating system of intelligent TV, 2D to 3D features, online web sites, free download all kinds of programs … With the popularity of smart phones, people for the needs of electrical and electronic products has become even more enthusiastic, as the most important members of the household electronic products, the intelligent TV has […]

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the most expensive umbrella 2000 yuan in Yiwu market

The city of Yiwu International Trade umbrella products mainly from Shangyu, Dongyang, Wuyi, Fujian, and Yiwu local, since most products targeted at low-end domestic and international markets, the quality and appearance are not too overhangs. “Do not want to sell premium-priced, but these products do not put out good sales.” A market umbrella dealer from […]

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“Heart ceremony 1 +1” Feedback activity Yiwu Mobile launched

Recently, the number of mobile subscribers in Zhejiang exceeded 50 million, Yiwu branch of China Mobile would only be in your way, to thank the long support and trust of the community, launched “Heart ceremony 1 +1” Feedback activity, how much charge you up ,and the same send to you . G3 mobile phones and […]

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Disturbing Courier

Yesterday, a student of Yiwu Business School told reporter “Express is a computer, but received a magazine, computer is a precious thing how they can be so irresponsible.” This adjusting event of leading express companies, “home delivery” was made him so angry. Recently in fact, adjusting events frequently appear in Courier. With the rapid development […]

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The first brand of Yiwu loquat

Now is the season of loquat market, in previous years, Yiwu people want to eat fresh loquat, often go with a companion to pick in Lanxi. But this year, to early adopters of the Yiwu need not go so far in the road . As the first local registered trademark of loquat of Yiwu City, […]

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The development history of yiwu

Thirty years ago, Yiwu is still a small poor agricultural county in Zhejiang center, people are less (mostly red hills), the Quartet meets the land, Yiwu is the habit of doing business since ancient times, the famous “feather-for-Sugar” is the Yiwu traditional means of livelihood in the planned economy era, but it becomes attack targets, […]

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