International Trade City hold tourism shopping festival

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Tourism Commodity Fair 2011 on June 24 to 27 in Yiwu International Exhibition Center under way

Group to tour the International Trade City travel shopping, will be gift activities cards; a wonderful film everyday, also will be screen at the center of 4D theater, colorful activities in the tourism and shopping festival have unveiled in the International Trade City four districts and five area market of imported goods Museum, attracting a large number of tour groups come to purchase.

Tourism officials said the mall staff already took a lot of preparation. According to reports, all tourism in the tourist shopping mall tour, after the team guided to signing in the visitor center, you can according the number of group people to receive the same amount number of active cards, distributed to each visitor. Full tourists shopping small ticket reach 68-200 yuan, with sales invoices to the shopping center tour desk to receive a special gift. “If the single small ticket over 200 yuan and above, with sales invoices and activities card, to the shopping desk to receive a 4D movie tickets, watch the 4D movie on the day.” Tourist shopping center official said, 4D Cinema according to the film scene carefully have designed shock, falls, smoke, rain, optoelectronics and other effects, the audience watching the film, have access to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and other all-round experience. “In the tourism and shopping festival, we will be complimentary on the” Scorpion King “,” deep-sea empire, “and relate seven films.”

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