Second Global Design commodity Competition start

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Yiwu News

Yesterday the Yiwu reporter said the Second Global Commodity Design Competition will start in the near future. According to Creative Park committee staff, the last Competition product a good reflection in the design and business industry, “life-changing ideas” as the theme of this competition, to collet commodity creative designs from the world’s best designers, design students

Yiwu Creative Park Management Center director Zhang introduced that the global design competition in commodity quality of the work, business cooperation and achievements will be a good social effect. “Considering the business service purpose year of the deepening of the transformation and creative garden design, the tournament location and game rules of this competition are slightly adjust ”

At the same time, compare to the last, the rules of this competition more stringent, the industrial production demand will be for the design “theme” for the designer to choose. Design theme will be divided into fashion, jewelry business, tourism, outdoor products, handicrafts, leather bags, sports, entertainment, cultural and office, toys, garments, household goods, car interior supplies. At present, Yiwu City, Creative Park is stepping up contacts with producers, collecting enterprise feedback, according the actual situation to perfect competition

Organizing Committee hopes to hold design contest, to enhance corporate self-awareness, and try to promote the results into popular products, promote industrial upgrading and industrial commodity chain extension.

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