The first brand of Yiwu loquat

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Now is the season of loquat market, in previous years, Yiwu people want to eat fresh loquat, often go with a companion to pick in Lanxi. But this year, to early adopters of the Yiwu need not go so far in the road . As the first local registered trademark of loquat of Yiwu City, “Chouzhou white sand” has started a lot of market.

“Our white loquat began to be listed before the Dragon Boat Festival, but due to weather, a large market will be focused on this week.” said, by Wang Linhua, The chairman of Jiachen Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. Zhejiang. He is so busy these days, he planted loquat of140 acres located in efficient ecological agriculture demonstration park of Yiwu (temple town over chaofei farm). With the listed as the loquat, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Yiwu local tourists have come to loquat garden feel a picking tour.

According to Wang Linhua introduced, the loquat in the park is a new varieties introduced by the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2008 , and successfully registered “Chouzhou Pak”brand this year, which is the first own brand loquat of Yiwu City. This loquat tree is a selection of specialized by the experts based on Yiwu climate, soil and other growing conditions for hybridization .not only fruiting rate, and the fruit large, sweet and juicy. planting base with all the use of organic fertilizers, “Chouzhou white sand ” mature, fruit by the Testing Center, Zhejiang Province, arrive to the pollution-free standards, received by large market.。

In terms of price, the loquat “Chouzhou white sand” and Lanxi Mu is almost the same, about 80 yuan per kilogram. “This year’s production total of 4,000 kilograms, we provides self-picking for tourists to come to here.” Wang Linhua said.

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