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by | Jun 22, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

College Entrance examination is not completely ended, sensitive smell businessman has been around “after the entrance economy” gearing up to rushing piece of “cake.” These days, the long-awaited Yiwu businessman began to warm up, and has ushered in the first wave of guests, including mobile phones, computers and other digital products are hot.

In Yiwu digital communications market a lot of business launched a discount promotions for the college entrance examination students, such as “buy mobile computers with gift” and so on. It seems in the digital products dealers, most of the candidates in this year are “90 age”, they have strong purchasing power and desire, is the best target customer base.

A Yiwu portable digital computer sales of franchise store said over the years after college entrance examination are selling season of digital products, especially laptop computers and digital cameras, so early in the college entrance examination, the business community have eyeing the tremendous opportunities, and prepare a high ample supply to expected the most popular season July and August.

A mobile phone shop owner of Yiwu communications market said after the end of the college entrance examination, students buy mobile phones every day, mobile phone sales will usher in a small peak, the mobile phones 1,000yuan is the most popular, the sales increased at least 20% than usual.

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