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The special operating system of intelligent TV, 2D to 3D features, online web sites, free download all kinds of programs … With the popularity of smart phones, people for the needs of electrical and electronic products has become even more enthusiastic, as the most important members of the household electronic products, the intelligent TV has entered people’s vision, and attract a lot of “smart fans” with a revolutionary innovations function, and the era of intelligent life on home is opened.

“With the current popularity of digital television in Yiwu, some people in the purchase of television will more consider the higher configuration, more complete range of intelligent television. using the Intelligent Platform TV can not only watch the films and television shows online, you can also browse the web like a computer, at the same time, users can install some applications, although the software is not applicable to multi-platform television, but for most ordinary users has been enough.

“My son like to see 3D movies, the cinema’s 3D movie of the past two years is almost does not fall all read it. The last shopping I found that now has a TV with 3D capabilities, so we consider to purchase it, In addition, the TV can access net, Bad eyesight elderly will be more convenient to use them “, people who could like to buy the smart TV Cheng told reporters in the mall of Yiwu.

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