Disturbing Courier

by | Jun 15, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yesterday, a student of Yiwu Business School told reporter “Express is a computer, but received a magazine, computer is a precious thing how they can be so irresponsible.” This adjusting event of leading express companies, “home delivery” was made him so angry. Recently in fact, adjusting events frequently appear in Courier. With the rapid development of online shopping promoted the express, courier exposed many problems, so that consumers are very worried.

Net friends “people union”: Express delivery change to “slow delivery “, courier items are transferred package and overcharged … … the things that go against integrity of business are common.

User “peter”: I live in shanghai.now I only use express send some cheap things, valuables can not be considered, afraid of losing, and now the courier industry is a bit confusing.

User “red sun”: I’m do business online in yiwu market, often received message from buyers about poor attitude express, courier delays and product damage to occur from time to time. While these problems are not caused by the seller, but the number of the seller’s reputation and business will have some negative effects.

The operating threshold of domestic courier industry is low. This is the source of chaos. In addition, it is in the relevant laws imperfect, disturbing period of the express industry, consumers should enhance self-protection, such as valuables, try not to express, in order to the rights infringed could not protect through legal channels.

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