“Heart ceremony 1 +1” Feedback activity Yiwu Mobile launched

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Recently, the number of mobile subscribers in Zhejiang exceeded 50 million, Yiwu branch of China Mobile would only be in your way, to thank the long support and trust of the community, launched “Heart ceremony 1 +1” Feedback activity, how much charge you up ,and the same send to you . G3 mobile phones and many other colorful Gifts, the effort of feedback is hundred percent.

It is reported that the event is divided into two types ,one is memory calls to send calls, shopping card, fuel card (choose one), as long as you are committed to spending a certain amount per month, 100 calls stored than 100 yuan donated, stored 200 calls than 200 yuan donated, more storage and more to send, a variety of choices, give the different user needs

For the majority of “replacement” customers can participate in other boutique buy mobile phones nil activities, net users aged longer to offer more, if you are the old network users before 31 December 2010, for example, the Samsung I9008, price 4188 yuan, as long as 24 months in the net, and the lest monthly consumption of 80 yuan at the end, only pay 3088 yuan can be bought, if the monthly consumption can reach 380 yuan, than the phone back for free Home. In addition, purchase coupons to choose from, spending 50 yuan per month commitment, stored 200 can receive 350 yuan of purchase coupons, save more get more.

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