Yiwu government institutions carries out a new reformation

At the beginning of June,the zhejiang provincial government approved the ” Scheme of Yiwu Reformation of Government Institutions”,It will set 30 government work departments after reformation.This number is bigger than common county-level cities.It is the preferential policy to be given to Yiwu to meet the demands of “11+1” meeting and “Yiwu Pilot Reform”. Yiwu has […]

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The time of yiwu 2011 fair

It is known that there are abundant kinds of new products in 2011 fair huge market.People are dazzled about time of  the 17th Yiwu Fair , it is to be held from October 21 to 25 in Yiwu International Expo Center in this year. Besides, two specialized exhibitions, namely Yiwu Fair Machinery Exhibition and Yiwu […]

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E-business applications based training in yiwu

July 15, the day before yesterday, Yiwu China Commodity City opened e-commerce network marketing of a new channel to help business users, yiwu market supplier, for them to effectively put their brand and product promotion to the world through the network. Meanwhile, better to achieve the effective combination of “physical market” and the “invisible market” […]

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The intelligent TV

The special operating system of intelligent TV, 2D to 3D features, online web sites, free download all kinds of programs … With the popularity of smart phones, people for the needs of electrical and electronic products has become even more enthusiastic, as the most important members of the household electronic products, the intelligent TV has […]

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“Heart ceremony 1 +1” Feedback activity Yiwu Mobile launched

Recently, the number of mobile subscribers in Zhejiang exceeded 50 million, Yiwu branch of China Mobile would only be in your way, to thank the long support and trust of the community, launched “Heart ceremony 1 +1” Feedback activity, how much charge you up ,and the same send to you . G3 mobile phones and […]

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Where is Yiwu

Where is Yiwu Where is Yiwu?Many foreigners often ask the question.Yiwu is a city in central Zhejiang Province in China. It lies in the south of Shanghai and Hangzhou, the distance from shanghai to Yiwu is 300 km,the distance from Hangzhou to Yiwu is only 120 km. one-hour trip to Hangzhou International Airport. Guangdong Province […]

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Promotional War is Going On in Yiwu

Promotional War is Going On in Yiwu In Yiwu urban restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and other service industries, “promotional war ” has been triggered earlier than before.Shortly after the annual Christmas, New Year’s Day is approaching. Since late December, a popular catering group Gold Flavor has in advance pushed forward congee boiled alive series–a kind […]

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Yiwu Pavillion and Zhejiang Pavillion

Yiwu Pavillion and Zhejiang Pavillion New stage for quality goods Yiwu Pavillion and Zhejiang Pavillion will be builded in Beijing.Our reporter learned from the Market and Trade Development Council that the constructing of Zhejiang brand products display center has started, and Yiwu City participated in the programme as the only county-level city in municipal operations. […]

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Chinese Knot and Red Lantern Orders Are Increasing Steadily in Yiwu

Chinese Knot and Red Lantern Orders Are Increasing Steadily in Yiwu As New Year’s Day is approaching, the atmosphere of traditional Chinese New Year is more and more strong. In Yiwu market, festive grilles, ornaments, small hang bags and small firecrackers are everywhere, which make the whole market beaming. By the end of year, Yiwu […]

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