“Walk Zhoushan” rapid development of business

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Since the release of clearance mode “New train” between Zhoushan and Yiwu, Yiwu enterprises gradual warming with the “new line” . According to Yiwu customs statistics, in August had been away  363 votes from the Zhoushan

Yiwu is the largest export base for commodities in the world, while Zhoushan is a state-level new area owning deep-water harbors. Recently Hangzhou Customs has opened a special
green path between Yiwu and Zhoushan by implementing a new clearance mode called ‘Straight to the New Area’.
With the new mode of clearance, exporters of Yiwu commodities can declare in Yiwu and deliver the goods to Dapukou Dock in Jintang Island, Zhoushan for export to foreign countries. It means that in addition to the traditional ways of’ shipping from Ningbo or Shanghai’, there is a new path for the export of Yiwu commodities.

The manager of Zhejiang Huacheng  international freight forwarding company Hu said, he has been in this line for some time, the cabinet to go to West Africa’s  have to go from this new zhoushan line. It is understood that after opening this route, the original cost of each container could  save several hundred dollars, but also eliminates the need for transit formalities. Current  the “New train” main export commodities to Ukraine, Russia and West Africa

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