Yiwu network operators move into top 30 of the global top ten network operators

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Up to now, the world’s 2011 top ten selection of network operators have selected the top 30. 2011 top ten global network operators selected by the China Electronic Commerce Association, Alibaba Group hosted. On 28 March this year since the launch, there have been more than 6,000 net commercial application.
Top 30 advance lanterns King LiuPengfei,he is yiwu network operators, as the top ten candidates in the last race. he has the legendary entrepreneurial experience,and he is devoted to contributing to its successful business community, the establishment of “flying fund” to support entrepreneurial students.

In 2007 E-commerce coincided with the rise of the occasion, LiuPengfei first start on Internet to sell lanterns. At that time, he had no money to open shop,so he sent a message in the free online Chinese-made, through his QQ, Ali Wang Wang Group, Community, paste message in post, where he called for merchants to purchase. Soon, orders came to the door there. Into 2008, Pengfei company began to receive one million large orders, also supported by the German company’s trust. just a few years time, from scratch he has become a successful network operators. October 2008, the market of DIY cross-stitch rise. But Pengfei found that the network has not appeared on the large-scale manufacturer,because he is good at business,so he immediately realized new business,though the kinds of cross-stitching industry is variety, and reserves of raw materials is complex,but the project is the same purpose of lanterns. So he set aside 50 million decisively start to set up processing plants. He was entrusted others of the products printed drawings, cross-stitch cloth, wire and plastic packaging shells are ordered from the outside,he only responsible for product packaging design, marketing. 4 months later, his factory net profit reached 100 million yuan. Then one year, he moved into another digital painting DIY market, invested nearly 200 million yuan to build a digital painting factory. Today, the plant’s annual sales nearly reach a thousand million. Last year, Pengfei has invested 200 million yuan, began to promote Taobao brand shoes. Among them, the “flower animal women’s shoes,” in Taobao Mall sales break the 1 million pairs.

Right now, Pengfei has seven companies, products related to lanterns, cross-stitch, digital painting, fluorescent board, women’s shoes, and printing. lantern has exported to the Americas, Europe and Africa, more than 300 cross-stitch branches in the country. women’s shoes In addition to online mall business, also opened store outline in Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

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