Promotional War is Going On in Yiwu

by | Dec 30, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Promotional War is Going On in Yiwu

In Yiwu urban restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and other service industries, “promotional war ” has been triggered earlier than before.Shortly after the annual Christmas, New Year’s Day is approaching.

Since late December, a popular catering group Gold Flavor has in advance pushed forward congee boiled alive series–a kind of famous porridge originated from Guangzhou in many chain restaurants in Yiwu city. At the same time, the urban Shore Coffee Hall, Lu Jia Wan Specialty Restaurant and some other catering businesses also pushed forward various promotional activities such as New Year’s Day special food packages etc. in addition to festive decorations.

“Extra Gifts, Old for New, Super Value”–in Fu Tai Long Yiwu Shopping Plaza, New Year’s Day special activities have gained great popularity. On the evening of 29 this month at Yiwu INTIME gold jewelry counter, many customers were looking samples. Yiwu Jiebai Shopping Mall also introduced consuming value-added coupon pre-sale activities and there’s money reduction if you buy popular garments with value to some certain degrees. Around Xiuhu Plaza(center of Yiwu city), Eucalyptus Supermarket is fully decorated with banners welcoming the New Year. In Century Lianhua Supermarket, hundreds of products are marked on attractive promotional prices to welcome the New Year’s Day, especially in the gift area, where there are New Year big gift packs and other activities, all imbued with the festive mood.

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