Provincial E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot city,yiwu

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E-commerce Pilot Reform is the single application pilot reform of establishment of “Intelligent Zhejiang.”Intelligent City refers to a intelligentized city which relies on telecommunication network,broadcast television network,and Internet to form a economic framework of knowledge city and be full of originality.

Yesterday,journalist knew from the department concerned that Provincial Economy and Informatization Committee has listed Yiwu on the Provincial E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Reform.

Currently,Yiwu is taking full advantage of local market,network merchants and gathering information to accelerate building international e-commerce city.At August 8,Mall Group and   Computing Technique Graduate School of The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Provincial Railway Investment Group have joint contribution to establish International E-commerce Project Construction Joint Venture Company.The Mall Group occupies 48% of stock rights, and Computing Technique Graduate School of The Chinese Academy of Sciences occupies 32%,Provincial Railway Investment Group occupies 20%.This company is responsible for planning construction and management of international e-commerce city,construction of the third party e-commerce platform,cloud computing applications and services of mass data storage and information processing centre.

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