Yiwu government institutions carries out a new reformation

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At the beginning of June,the zhejiang provincial government approved the ” Scheme of Yiwu Reformation of Government Institutions”,It will set 30 government work departments after reformation.This number is bigger than common county-level cities.It is the preferential policy to be given to Yiwu to meet the demands of “11+1” meeting and “Yiwu Pilot Reform”.

Yiwu has experienced reformation of government institutions four times.the day before Yesterday morning,Yiwu held the mobilization meeting of reformation of government institutions.This marks the beginning of the new reformation of government institutions.The member of the Jinhua standing committee and secretary of Yiwu Municipal Committee,Huang Zhiping stressed that the purpose of deepening institution reformation is straightening out administrative functions of all departments,optimizing organization structure,improving administrative efficiency,establishing a responsible government which can give service and people are satisfied with it.

The core of this reformation is changing government function.It makes government to do their job well and transfer work which it does not need to do.This can help government concentrate on promoting scientific development and guaranteeing to improve people’s life.

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