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national free telephone exchange hotline appears in Yiwu market

In 25th November, news comes out from related department that the new edition of Yiwu China¬∑China Commodity City Business Anthologies offers a national free telephone exchange hotline 95105676. Businessmen all over China only need to make free phone calls “95105676+ the booth No. in International Trade Cidy” to find the merchant. The new edition of […]

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Yiwu Market Credit Index reaches a new high level

“This year the Yiwu Market Credit Index keeps growing to a new record. However, the fluctuation in exchange rate, some foreign businessmen’s dishonesty, the attact of e-business website,disclosing business secrets, and other factors, brought credit risk to Yiwu market. We need be prepared for danger in times of safety.” In October, the performance assortment index […]

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Popular Exquisite Arts & Crafts

Popular Exquisite Arts & Crafts Franz Craft is a combination of the aesthetic essence of France and China. Fine ceramics applied with French anaglyphyanaglyptics present a unique, elegant and fashion art style. Lots of collectors and buyers were attracted by them as soon as they appeared on the market and some country leaders even choose […]

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New Electronic & Electrical Products Opened The Blank Market

On the 16th Yiwu Fair, exhibitors displayed a new type of food waste processor As categories of electronic & electrical products are gradually increasing, the market of common products has become extraordinarily competitive. More and more purchasers began to pay attention to the new products market in the purpose of taking over the blank market […]

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Creative Calendars

Creative Calendars There are a new variety of calendars that can be used as environmentally friendly bags. With the awareness of low-carbon environmental protection deeply rooted in the heart of the public, this winter Yiwu New Year paintings and calendars market highlighted its changes-manufacturers have introduced new tactics, that is, calendars that can be turned […]

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Next Stop: Yiwu

Next Stop: Yiwu On Yiwu Fair India Exhibition, a middle-aged man stopped at Yiwu Pavilion, musing at a variety of hardware accessories, serious and focused. He is DebrajGhosal, from the largest enterprise group of India-Tata and is gerneral manager of the enterprise’s new business development department. He said, “I’ve heard of Yiwu from my friends […]

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Wooden Toy Horses Produced in Shenzhen Sell Best in Yiwu

Wooden Toy Horses Produced in Shenzhen Sell Best in Yiwu More than 7,000 sets of high-priced “low carbon” wooden horses were sold out in 3 months Yesterday, near the west entrance of Yiwu International Trade City District 1, many passers-by were attracted by several lovely wooden toy horses.”Can this horse be riden?” “I weigh 130 […]

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Yiwu Electric Toys Are Popular with Foreign Purchasers

Yiwu Electric Toys Are Popular with Foreign Purchasers Almost each purchaser who have been to Yiwu market may be attracted by the various electric toys in the passageway. Yiwu market has a variety of electric toys on sale with shapes and designs more and more personalized and full of hommization. There are special toy car, […]

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2010 Trendy Luggage Press Was Held in Yiwu Market

2010 Trendy Luggage Press Was Held in Yiwu Market On September 21, China Commodity City Network was informed that 2010 Trendy Luggage Press was held in Trade City II in Yiwu market. This press was organized by the second branch of Yiwu International Trade City. At site were chief editor Yi Lei from Guangzhou “the […]

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