Yiwu Market Credit Index reaches a new high level

by | Nov 29, 2010 | Yiwu News

“This year the Yiwu Market Credit Index keeps growing to a new record. However, the fluctuation in exchange rate, some foreign businessmen’s dishonesty, the attact of e-business website,disclosing business secrets, and other factors, brought credit risk to Yiwu market. We need be prepared for danger in times of safety.”

In October, the performance assortment index of Yiwu market grows from 140.18 to 181.04, improving 29.15%. In october,the time when Yiwu Fair is being held, the whole market of Yiwu is very active. According to sampling questionnaire survey,the overall earning performance of transactors in October is better than that in September. The proportion of transactors who get a better business than in September is 18.83%,getting a 4.38 percentage point than in September.

Under the monitoring of “YMCI five color light warning system”,the aggregative index number of Yiwu market in October lies in the highest grade of “green light”section and the market credit maintains security state.

Of the 8 major sub-index of October,
except for environmental and development index, the intellectual property, consumer right protecting,fair competition grows, while the subject consciousness,product quality, and financial credit sub-index fell.

According to analysis, the big slump of financial and credit index was attributable to the fine-tuning of central bank’s monetary policy. The average loan confidence from the bank dropped 12.33 percent point than in September while the NPL ratio increased.

In the 10 major Branchindex, seven Branchindex increased than in september. They can be ranked as ascensional range, that’s subsidiary food stuff,stationery and physical products,toys,jewelry,socks,crafts, Cosmetics.The rest of the three declined slightly ranked by decreasing amplitude are hardwares and general merchandise, bags&luggage.

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