Yiwu Solar Energy Products Sell Good to Middle East, Europe and America

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Yiwu Solar Energy Products Sell Good to Middle East, Europe and America

Yiwu International Trade City G zone sells a wide variety of solar products, which are exported to the Middle East, Europe, America and other regions in large amounts.

“A few days ago, we bought some new goods, such as solar car, solar landscape lights etc.” said Mao Rui Yang , solar energy products dealer. One year ago, he started business of such products in Yiwu market as a trial. To his great joy, solar energy products should sell so good.

Where there is light, there is energy. The concept of environmental protection and low-carbon contributed to make solar energy to become the focus of people’s attention. Things that have batteries all have connection with solar energy. For example, if you are walking in the sun with a bag, then the cell phone in the bag can automatically charge, amazing? Some solar charger can also stick to the car windscreen and charge for cell phones or digital cameras under sunlight.

Solar energy applications are convenient, easy to use and environmentally friendly. In particular, they keep in good pace with the trend of energy saving and emission reduction. Solar energy applications landed in Yiwu market at the beginning of this year. According to Yang, currently, their flagship products are selling good to Malaysia, Iraq, Pakistan, the United States and some other countries lacking in power.

Energy and environmental protection may become two large fields in which global economy are the most competitive. While solar energy steadily occupied the two “fertile land”. As solar energy is inexhaustible, it’s used more and more popular such as in power generation, heating, water supply as well as a variety of solar powered devices. According to industrial analysts, solar energy industry in China has to rely on foreign imports for raw materials and technology, but the processing part is still in the mainland.That is why Chinese solar energy products account for more than 90% of the world.

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