Next Stop: Yiwu

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Next Stop: Yiwu

On Yiwu Fair India Exhibition, a middle-aged man stopped at Yiwu Pavilion, musing at a variety of hardware accessories, serious and focused.

He is DebrajGhosal, from the largest enterprise group of India-Tata and is gerneral manager of the enterprise’s new business development department. He said, “I’ve heard of Yiwu from my friends but I never visited there. In recent years, more and more Yiwu goods entered India. I’m very curious about Yiwu Market and I wanna go there to do a market research.”

Since the “going out” of Yiwu enterprises and dealers, more and more foreign purchasers will come to Yiwu market to seek for trade cooperation and business opportunities.

The Goal of “Going out” Is to Bring in

“Going out, is to extend Yiwu market and drive dealers and manufacturers to expand overseas sales channels and at the same time bring in foreign potential buyers, goods, advanced technology and cutting-edge concept of operating and management, driving market operators subject to upgrade and transform, leading the whole market to transform and upgrade , improving the comprehensive competitiveness of Yiwu market and promoting the continuous prosperity of the market.” Fangping Jin, Secretary and Chairman of Mall Group Party said. In order to “going out” more effectively, Mall Group has set up 3 overseas offices, trying to extend the market service channels to foreign countries and establish terminals such as logistics, distribution, product catalog and display platforms etc. so as to promote the international influence of Yiwu market and market share.

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