New Electronic & Electrical Products Opened The Blank Market

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On the 16th Yiwu Fair, exhibitors displayed a new type of food waste processor

As categories of electronic & electrical products are gradually increasing, the market of common products has become extraordinarily competitive. More and more purchasers began to pay attention to the new products market in the purpose of taking over the blank market as soon as possible. Therefore, a variety of new electronic & electrical products displayed on the Yiwu Fair have become the biggest beneficiary.

Online call is more economic than international long-distance phone calls

In electrical and electronic products exhibition area, VOIP(Voice of Internate Phone)displayed by Shenzhen Winbond Communication attracted a lot of purchasers. The company shew a cat-like mobile device, with which you can use phone calls to communicate with global customers in any place where there’s broadband or wireless network, while the fee is two-thirds that of the common international calls. “In three days, we have signed cooperation agreements with five clients. Besides, more than 20 clients have the intention to cooperate with us.” Jianyue Wang, principal of the company is satisfied with the results of this exhibition.

Food waste processors attracted purchasers

Kitchen sewer blockages is a great problem that troubling many housewives. While to principal of Dulux Water Purification Technology Huidong Chen, it is a big business opportunity. “As long as this food waste processor is installed under the water channel, all vegetable leaves, bones and other kitchen wastes will be grinded by an internal grinder and drain away in liquid.” Chenhui Dong told us. In more than a year since the coming out of this product, it has covered the majority of domestic cities in full swing and has been recognized by the market.

The number of “methanal treasure” has increased by 50%-60% a year into the market

The harm that methanal brings to human bodies has long been well known. Aiming at this market gap, Perry Appliances made great efforts to promote the “methanal treasure” on the Fair and achieved good sales results. Although this series of products are expensive, yet there are still many consumers who are willing to buy for health’s sake.

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