2010 Trendy Luggage Press Was Held in Yiwu Market

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2010 Trendy Luggage Press Was Held in Yiwu Market

On September 21, China Commodity City Network was informed that 2010 Trendy Luggage Press was held in Trade City II in Yiwu market. This press was organized by the second branch of Yiwu International Trade City. At site were chief editor Yi Lei from Guangzhou “the Yangcheng Evening News • Leather Week”, Baoling Shao, president of Yiwu City Luggage Industry Association as well as president of International Trade City II Association Cheng Kong Wan together with other guests. 33-team of Haining luggage market and part of luggage business dealers were also involved in the interaction .

Accompanied by fast-paced music and brilliant lighting, 14 models show one after another 152 trendy bags sponsored by 11 enterprises such as “dragon”, “Jing-hui,” “Sunflower,” “Goldfish,” “Elton”, “Pettitte” etc.The press is divided into four parts, respectively “Pretty Profile of White-collar”, “Indulged in Landscape”, “Graceful Style” and “Beautiful Code”, which demonstrated a variety of luggage, including fashion bags, briefcases, casual bags, travel bags, trolley case, evening bags , cosmetic bags and cosmetics cases etc.

The press closely follow the international fashion trend and unfolded the most popular elements in 2010. Through the wonderful interpretation of the models, no matter it is soft tone prints with national characteristics or Scottish tartan flower that reflects classic England style etc., each style is fascinating and charming. In particular, shell style with bright colors and lovely cartoon images of children’s trolley cases interpreted by four small children models had won applauses of the whole press.

Luggage trade district in Yiwu International Trade City II accounts for a large market share in international and domestic luggage market. With consumers’ pursuit for fashion and as a product with strong conception of fashion, luggages have brought in conception of fashion in style, tone, texture etc. Delicate luggage is not only a useful product but also an ornament and art reflecting strong sense of times and epidemic.

At present, handbags and luggage in Yiwu International Trade City market are rich and varied. Most manufacturers follow consumers’ demand, putting forward products with a variety of materials and colors to face the fierce competition. New, extraordinary and special products made from nylon, waterproof silk, PVC, plastic, woven cotton, wool and other fabrics are becoming mainstream and will attract domestic and foreign businessmen to come. Entering into the trading range, you can see a dazzling scene with handbags, briefcase, bags, purses, PVC wallets, travel bags, backpacks, trolley bags and other kinds of handbags displayed in fashionable various styles and colors, which looks like a picture of luggage striving to welcome a new sales season.

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