Wooden Toy Horses Produced in Shenzhen Sell Best in Yiwu

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Wooden Toy Horses Produced in Shenzhen Sell Best in Yiwu

More than 7,000 sets of high-priced “low carbon” wooden horses were sold out in 3 months

Yesterday, near the west entrance of Yiwu International Trade City District 1, many passers-by were attracted by several lovely wooden toy horses.”Can this horse be riden?” “I weigh 130 pounds, I can show you how to ride.” Seeing they were intersted in this product, salesman Wang Youli immediately demonstrated to the them how to operate.

According to Wang Youli, one set of this wooden horses has nine with each shape different, for example, it includes elephant, kangaroo, dog, horse and other forms of shapes. The highlight of this product is “low-carbon” and “environmentally friendly”. Take the wooden elephant as an example, it does not require any energy to make it move. Its action completely relies on the pressure of body weight. When a man gets on, limbs of the elephant will separate, and when the man’s buttock rises up,as gravity reduces, the elephant with four wheels under each foot will slide forward. The nose part of “elephant” is the orifice of a water gun. The brake-like device near the handles can control the “elephant’s” ears.The more interesting is that a manual music box device on the head is cleverly designed into a hat shape.

“This product was researched and developed in Shenzhen and it is no more than 3 months since it was open to the public.We have applied for a patent. Once We took it to many exhibitons such as Canton Fair and Hong Kong Fair, but it sells best in Yiwu market. In 3 months, more than 7,000 sets were sold out. One set of this wooden horse sells at 3,000 yuan and are mainly exported to the U.S. market of the U.S. shopping malls and supermarkets as a toy for children over 3 years old.” Wang said.

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